Kari Finn Float Switches UK

Reliable devices for surface level monitoring and control

Quality Monitoring Instruments Limited

Quality Monitoring Instruments Ltd (QMI) have proudly been the UK distributor of Kari Finn products for more than 45 years. QMI began by manufacturing temperature probe systems (branded as Tempkey Oxygen Meters) and importing thermometers, chart recorders and Float Switches.

As market conditions changed, the company moved away from the manufacturing of temperature equipment and became sales agents for some global products, such as the prestigious Kari Finn brand.

QMI is a family run business that also manufacture Oil Mist Detection Systems and have been at the forefront of engine and machinery space fire protection for 37 years. The equipment prevents fires and explosions in marine and land-based industrial sectors. More information can be found on www.oilmist.com .


Kari- Finn was founded in 1965 by Electrician Mauno Kari, when he invented the multi level float switch. In 1977 the Kari Float Switch was awarded a gold medal at the Brussels International Exhibition of Invention and awarded a medal of the City of Brussels for an extensively exported product (at that time, exports covered all countries in Europe, the United States, South Africa, and Japan, but now reach every continent).

Since then, several million float switches have been designed and produced, for a wide variety of operating environments.

The high-quality Kari Finn float switch are built to ISO 9001 quality management system. Each product is subject to a full operation test. The KARI Float Switch is also available in versions which fulfils the U.S. and Canadian national safety standards.